VIOTEK GN32C Curved Computer Gaming Monitor Review

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Viotek GN34C Review

Viotek is kind of an obscure brand when compared to the bigger players like Samsung, LG, and Acer, but users looking for value will find their monitors an excellent match for their needs. If you do not care about the brand and simply want the best bang for your buck when it comes to ultra-wide monitors, the VIOTEK GN32C 32″ Curved Computer Gaming Monitor is a handsome choice at an unbeatable price | Amazon.

This monitor is optimized for RTS games as well as FPS titles and features AMD FreeSync for tear-free rendering and super smooth gameplay. Its 16:9 Standard widescreen format and 20,000,000:1 dynamic ratio makes full-screen media consumption exclusively enjoyable.


  • Amazing refresh rates
  • Great port selection
  • Stunning graphics performance with AMD FreeSync
  • Great for full-screen media consumption
  • Beautiful design and build quality


  • Viotek does not provide a DisplayPort cable with the Package-You need this for the higher refresh rates above 60Hz


The VIOTEK GN32C 32″ Curved Computer Gaming Monitor is a beautifully designed and a great performer at a bargain. It’s cheaper than its Samsung VA counterpart, the Samsung CHG70 32 all the more reason why you shouldn’t buy the brand but always go for value for money and quality. Hooked to a computer with the DisplayPort interface, it performs extremely well as advertised supporting above 100hz refresh rates. The VIOTEK GN32C 32 is a great ultra-wide curved monitor and we strongly recommend it.

Viotek GN34C Specs

Display1920×1080 | NTSC 85%,
PortsDual-Link DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort
Dynamic Contrast Ratio20,000,000:1
Refresh Rate144Hz
Special FeaturesAMD FreeSync Technology | FPS / RTS | Low blue light
Aspect Ratio16:09
Dimensions8 x 28.5 x 20 in | 20.3 x 72.4 x 50.8 cm
Weight18 lbs | 8.2 Kgs

Buy the VIOTEK GN32C 32″ Curved Computer Gaming Monitor at Amazon


Aside from the solid build quality and beautiful design, one thing we really appreciate is the ultra-thin bezels on the VIOTEK GN32C Monitor. Viotek calls it the “Borderless Design” and boy does it look good! Not to be carried away on this but we really did enjoy the feeling of having an infinite amount of screen real estate when looking at this display from all angles. The rest of the design is quite sexy and premium; the base is a work of art so is the overall paintwork and smooth curves around the edges. The red accents on the back of the monitor and on the stand are also a nice touch as they give it a bit of an aggressive and eye-catching look. Generally, the VIOTEK GN32C does have the looks of a modern ultra-wide curved gaming monitor.

The I/O ports are nicely positioned and have a nice compartment to aid in cable management so as to help you have a clean setup. Also to note regarding the design is the size of this 32-inch monitor. As expected it does require quite a bit of horizontal desk space but it’s not too much unless you have a really tiny desk.

We were able to fit our Cyberpower gaming tower on the same desk as the VIOTEK GN32C and still have ample space for a couple of Audio Engine speakers, a Logitech mechanical keyboard as well as a mouse and a number of other essential peripherals. The stand is quite thin and has a unique V shape that takes a small space on the table top.


The VIOTEK GN32C Gaming Monitor has all the essential ports you need for various use cases. If you are okay with refresh rates capped at 60Hz then you can make use of the HDMI port provided. Users who want to enjoy the high refresh rates of up to 144Hz on this monitor must have it hooked to their computer using the DisplayPort.

You also need the Display port in order to enjoy tear free gameplay using the inbuilt Adaptive Sync technology (AMD FreeSync). As we do not get a USB type-C port or an extra DisplayPort you cannot do daisy chaining right out of the box the box. However, this can still be achieved with a cheap DisplayPort splitter off Amazon.


Perhaps the most important section of this VIOTEK GN32C review. From the onset, I’d like to say this monitor performs exactly (or maybe slightly more) as advertised. Viotek may be a relatively new and obscure brand, therefore, there isn’t a lot of feedback on their products. But the few customers who reviewed this gaming monitor on various platforms seem extremely pleased with its performance and overall value for money and we concur. Watch the video at the end of this review and you’ll see why. The VIOTEK GN32C Gaming Monitor passed all our performance tests delivering solid renders with zero tears thanks to the inbuilt AMD FreeSync technology. The refresh rates are well above 100Hz for most use cases and gameplay is super-smooth and incredibly immersive thanks to the curved panel.

Color Production

Given the fact that this monitor is using a VA panel also means we not only get amazing color reproduction and accuracy but also great viewing angles and complete lack of glare. Users with eye problems will also find the VIOTEK GN32C quite comfortable to use as it features Low Blue Light technology that makes the display easy on the eyes. Blue light is essentially what leads to eye strain and a myriad other eye-related stress on many displays and the fact that the VIOTEK GN32C 32 manages the amount of blue light is definitely a huge plus.

Playing games like Battlefield, Pug, and World of Warcraft at 1080p resolution is an awesome experience especially if you have this monitor hooked up to an AMD powered PC (hehe…am being biased here. This, of course, is subject tastes and preference). The built-in FPS mode also improves gameplay for various shooters like Battlefield and COD.

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You don’t have to kill yourself over a big brand name. With some little research, you can find an excellent display at a decent price that’s both reliable and dependable, yet offers excellent value for your money. Manufacturers such as Pixio and Viotek make a great display and sell them at a reasonable price.

Having gone through all the essential details of the VIOTEK GN32C 32″ Curved Computer Gaming Monitor, I cannot help but focus on the current price tag on this 32-inch on Amazon. At just over $300 this huge 32 inch 144hz FreeSync display is a total steal! It’s cheaper and better looking than its closest rival, the Samsung CHG70 32 Inch. Given a choice between this VIOTEK GN32C 32 and the similar FreeSync Pixio we reviewed recently (the Pixio PX347c Prime 34) I would go for this VIOTEK GN32C 32″ Curved Computer Gaming Monitor.

Buy the VIOTEK GN32C 32″ Curved Computer Gaming Monitor at Amazon

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