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Sceptre U278W-4000R Monitor Review

Sceptre Monitors Ranks High Among Recent Releases for 2018
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Sceptre U278W-4000R Review

The Sceptre U278W-4000R Monitor is a mid-range monitor from Sceptre, a fairly unheard of brand, but with an impressive set of monitors. The Sceptre U278W-4000R has something for almost every user and could even fit quite respectably as a gaming monitor despite not being equipped with GPU syncing technology. Even so, it delivers sharp picture thanks to its 4K screen that’s best for everything including watching your favorite shows on Netflix. Find out more below – Sceptre U278W-4000R Review.



  • Great ultra thin design
  • 4K LED Monitor
  • Excellent IPS viewing angles
  • Ports: HDMI, DVI and DP



  • Limited screen adjustments
  • Noticeable bleed on Screen corners
  • Lacks USB 3.0 ports
  • Lacks Adaptive Sync
  • 250 cd/m2 brightness – slightly below our ideal



The Sceptre U278W-4000R Monitor is yet another member of the growing Sceptre brand name that shows much potential. It doesn’t promise ultra smooth gaming action because it lacks Nvidia FreeSync technology. But it comes with plenty of other features that make a perfect pitch for home entertainment and light day-to-day office tasks. This 27-inch is based on an In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel, 4K display with plenty of ports to go around. It doesn’t make the cut for our Editor’s choice of home monitors, but sure makes a good run for the money. We recommend it for home users looking for 4K screens for home entertainment and handling graphic tasks.

Update: We recommend the Asus VG245H as it is our Editor’s Choice for budget home/office and gaming monitor (if you’re a gamer). Read our Budget Monitor list for home users and gamers 2018 for more detail.

Sceptre U278W-4000R Specs

Display 27 inches IPS monitor | 16:9 aspect ratio
Resolution 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz | 4K UHD
Response Time 5 ms (G-to-G)
Viewing angle 178˚ (Horizontal) / 178˚ (Vertical)
Brightness 250cd/m2
Dynamic Contrast Ratio 1,000,000:1
Refresh Rate 60 Hz
Built-in Speakers 2 ×3W4Ω
Wall Mountable Yes | VESA compliant
Eye Saver Mode Blue Light Shift mode
Preset Picture Mode Standard, User, Movie, ECO
Output Port 3.5mm Mini-Jack for External Speaker / Headphone
Input Port
  • 2 x HDMI
  • (HDMI 1: HDMI 2.0, HDCP2.2; HDMI 2: HDMI 1.4, HDCP1.4)
  • 1 x DVI
  • 1 x DisplayPort (DP)
  • Buy the Sceptre U278W-4000R from Amazon


The sceptre has a good stand but it’s Achilles Heel is lack of adjustment options.

The design of the Sceptre U278W-4000R Monitor is hush and hardly overbearing; simply just a blend of warm gray and black tones on the bezel and backside. It basically looks like the Dell 24 Gaming Monitor S2417DG or AOC Agon AG271QX gaming monitors, but with more modest aesthetics.

The screen has an almost bezel-free design and is supported by a gray stand at the back. The stand does its work but its Achilles Heel is that it doesn’t provide tilt, pivot and height adjustments as premium monitor stands do. It would have been nice to have this monitor fitted on a pedestal with more adjustment capabilities.

That aside, the Sceptre’s screen uses a 27 inch IPS panel screen with 250 cd/m2 peak brightness, 16:9 aspect ratio and a 5-millisecond gray to gray pixel response time. The screen resolution is a whooping 3840 x 2160 resolution and it refreshes at 60Hz. While a brightness of 250 cd/m2 is slightly below our ideal (280 cd/m2 +), you’ll find it quite satisfactory for indoor use – and since that’s where one will likely use it, it’s alright.

Gaming – 2160p (3840 x 2160p). Click here for our complete list of monitors.

ASUS MG28UQ Acer Predator XB271HK bmiprz AOC U2879VF LG Electronics 27UD68P-B ASUS ROG Swift PG27AQ
Size 28” 27” 28” 27” 27”
Refresh Rate  60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Response Time 1 ms 4 ms 1 ms  4 ms  4 ms
Adaptive sync FreeSync G-Sync FreeSync FreeSync G-Sync
Price   See It   See It   See It   See It   See it

Decent Resolution…

The resolution alone is a rarity for 27 inch monitors which gives this Sceptre an edge and allows you to handle movies and images with flair. Also, the 3840 x 2160 resolution is great for gaming and it would have been a great feature to have for picture perfect gameplay had the Sceptre been intended for gamer’s market. The one glaring downside that prevents it from playing recent titles, at butter smooth frame rates, is because it lacks the Nvidia G-Sync circuitry; a move that must have cost Sceptre a huge chunk of the gaming market share clientele.

Update: For almost a similar price, users looking to get into gaming on a lean budget can opt for the Asus VG245H gaming monitor. The Asus VG245H offers more on a budget including:

  • AMD FreeSync support,
  • Crisp and responsive
  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Intuitive interface

So, if you’re looking for a gaming monitor with gaming capacity, the Asus VG245H is a great option. Check out our monitor list for more details.

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Moving on, at 9.1 pounds and measuring 8.06 x 24.51 x 17.46 inches, it isn’t exactly the lightest monitor to be carrying around the house, but it’s definitely portable. It shares dimensions with other overpriced brands like LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with Free Sync (12.3 lbs, 8 x 24.9 x 18.2 inches), ASUS Designo MX27UC 27” 4K UHD IPS Monitor (17.7 lbs, 4.8 x 27.6 x 21.2 inches) and the LG 27UD68-P 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor with Free Sync (10.8 lbs, 7.3 x 24.2 x 17.9 inches).


The Sceptre U278W has a beautifu; rear and offers HDMI, DVI and DP ports.

The port system doesn’t get as fancy as the ones in premium gaming monitors, but it has all the bells and whistles of a modest home and office monitor. We’re talking about 2 x HDMI ports; (HDMI 1: HDMI 2.0, HDCP2.2; HDMI 2: HDMI 1.4, HDCP1.4). The other is a single DVI, a single DisplayPort (DP) to get you connected to other input devices and some audio jacks at the back (for connections to your headphone).

Allow me to nitpick about this one thing for a minute; the connectivity port layout has a minor flaw. First, it lacks a USB 3.0 port, and the rest of the ports located at the back face outward away from the back which can be a little inconveniencing. This makes trying to plug or unplug without turning the monitor, a bit of a challenge. It would have been a relief to see at least one of the ports; HDMI or USB located at the side. But this again trickles down to personal preferences and might not be a glaring tradeoff for everyone.


The overall performance of the Sceptre U278W-4000R can be described as nothing short of enjoyable, reliable and functional for entertainment users and photo editing professionals alike. The Sceptre’s 4K capabilities allow it to handle color rendering beautifully. Moreover, it handles moderate gaming fairly well especially if you don’t mind the lack of FreeSync or G-Sync technology.

We spent some time with the Dell 24 Gaming Monitor S2417DG, a leading home, office and gaming monitor in the industry, and compared it with our unit to see if ours measures up. The motivation behind this is the fact that our unit is a slightly older model (from 2015) and newer more sophisticated models are now available, sometimes for less. The Dell 24 offers many features that gamers crave: a 23.8 inch screen, better brightness intensity (350 cd/m2) and 16:9 aspect ratio. Also, it brags of faster response times (1-millisecond gray-to-gray pixel response), a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and a lower 2,560-by-1,440 resolution. What makes it stand out is the Nvidia G-Sync circuitry which brings gaming juice into the equation.

The side view reveals a sleek monitor with great support system

Like the Dell, the LG 27UD58-B 27-Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor and the ASUS Designo MX27UC 27” 4K UHD IPS Monitor both came with Free Sync which ultimately makes them favorable options over ours. So whats my point?

Well, I’m going for the fact that monitors that offer FreeSync  technology and are within the Sceptre’s $300 price range knock our unit out of the park; especially for anything gaming oriented. Otherwise, for users looking for home entertainment monitors and don’t mind that FreeSync absence, they should find fluid performance in the Sceptre U27W-4000R. As a result, they have nothing to worry about in terms of motion blur, ghosting and screen tearing.


Despite some more or less minor flaws, the Sceptre U278W-4000R makes a bold statement in the home entertainment monitor space. It is a beautiful and well made piece of art, best for watching 4K movies and office graphic design. If you need a remarkable working solution, or just need to upgrade from your old monitor, the Sceptre U278W-4000 should cover your bases well.

Update: Since this review, we’ve made a comprehensive list of home, office and gaming monitors with their prices alongside. IF you desire a more budget friendly option with gaming capacity (for gamers), we recommend the Editor’s Choice for budget gaming monitors, the Asus VG245H Monitor. It offers better on paper specification, as well as a more budget friendly price and ultimately better value for money for gamers.

  • AMD FreeSync support,
  • Crisp and responsive
  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Intuitive interface

You can check the Asus VG245H Monitor at Amazon. Otherwise, users with no interest in gaming and don’t mind the few tradeoffs, including bleeds at the corners, should be fine with the Sceptre U278W-4000R.

  • Buy the Sceptre U278W-4000R from Amazon

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