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Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Review

Samsung may not be well in North America as a laptop manufacturer but they do make some of the best thin and light out laptops out there. Today we review one of their own – the Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook 3 15″ Laptop. This is a budget everyday notebook that weighs a meager 4.4 pounds – one of the lightest in its segment. It comes with 4GB of RAM that is upgradeable to a maximum of 16GB and an Intel Core i5-5200U processor. This one is equipped with a beautiful 15.6-inches Full HD glossy display that is great for entertainment and general productivity. The Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook is a great day to day device that you can use to edit documents, watching movies, type documents and any other form of computing you have to do as a routine. Find out more on it right here – Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Review


  • Competitively priced
  • Upgradability
  • Compact and portable
  • Great build quality
  • Ample storage – 1000GB
  • Powerful i5 processor


  • Comes with only 4GB of RAM


This is one of those laptops that you buy so you can get you through your daily work routine without worrying about aesthetics. Not that it’s ugly but the Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook looks quite ordinary in terms of design but packs the essentials to get you through day-to-day computing. It also has adequate expansion slots for future upgrades and doesn’t cost an arm and leg at Amazon. We think it’s a solid buy for users looking for a budget daily driver.

Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Specs

ProcessorIntel Core i5-5200U | 2.2 – 2.7 GHz
RAM4 GB DDR3L | Max 16GB (8GB x 2)
Internal Storage1 TB HDD
Storage ExpandabilityYes Plus SSD
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 550
Display15.6″ Full-HD display | Resolution – 1920 x 1080 | Anti-glare | LED Backlit | IPS Panel | 250 Nits
Connectivity10/100 MBit Lan Adapter (10/100MBit) | 802.11 b/g/n (b/g/n) | Bluetooth 4.0
Integrated WebcamYes | HD Webcam
Input device featuresBacklit keyboard | Multi-gesture touchpad
AudioInbuilt Stereo speakers
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home | 64 bit
Battery3780 mAh Lithium-Ion, 3-cell
Dimensions14.8 x 1 x 9.8 in
Weight4.4 lbs
Warranty12 Month Warranty


The Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook is housed in a clean and compact plastic chassis. It measures just 14.8 x 1 x 9.8 inches and weighs 4.4 pounds making it an ideal to lug around in a backpack. As with many Samsung devices, build quality on this notebook is great, nothing looks like it’s going to break the next minute. The hinge feels strong and sturdy and there’s negligible flex below the keyboard and top panel. The bezel around the 15-inch display isn’t the thinnest. But it doesn’t really take away the unobstructed view we get from the giant HD panel while working or playing full-screen media.

The shiny plastic can be a fingerprint magnet it’s nothing so alarming that you will keep wiping it clean with a piece of fiber cloth every now and then.

Since this is a full-size upgradable notebook, access to the interior is very easy. It’s actually much easier if all you need to do is add some extra RAM as there is a dedicated compartment at the rear specifically made for that which you can open by removing two screws. However, since we like tearing our review units apart, we did take the back cover off to have a look at the internals and everything seemed in order as overall construction and cooling are well executed.

This is a Windows laptop so it comes with a registered and hardware signed Windows 10 Home install.


This laptop is equipped with an impressive 15.6 FHD (920×1080 pixel) glossy display. This is a high-end IPS panel which means we get beautiful life-like pictures as color reproduction, contrast and brightness are way above average as compared to what you could get on a TN panel display. This one has 250 nits maximum brightness – which is very bright by all standards (consider the light from 256 candles-the scientific equivalents of 256 nits).

This type of display also offers wide viewing angles perfect for enjoying movies with a friend. It, however, suffers a bit of glare while being used in direct sunlight or in a brightly lit environment. We love the display on the Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook. It’s actually amazing that we can get such a quality 1080p display on a budget laptop as we do here.

Input Devices

The keyboard on the Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook is a full-size chiclet-style keyboard made for fast typists. The keys are well spaced, have a decent amount of key travel and have a unique tactile bump. The trackpad isn’t really special as is with many windows based trackpads but it’s snappy, accurate and offers a decent amount of feedback.



Port selection on this laptop is decent. We get a total of four (4) USB ports, two of them being USB 2.0 and the other two are USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Gen 1. We also get HDMI output in case we want to hook up a secondary display. There’s a microphone/headphone combo port for audio output.


The Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook has a 10/100 MBit Lan Adapter (10/100MBit) for physical Ethernet connections and(Wi-Fi) wireless 802.11 b/g/n (b/g/n) coupled with Bluetooth 4.0.


The processor on the Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook is an Intel Core i5-5200U. This is a fairly powerful processor with a 2.2 – 2.7 GHz clock speed which also integrates an Intel HD Graphics 5500 module for improved graphics handling.

It’s the ideal processor choice for mid-tier daily devices all the more reason why we think this Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook is a great bargain as we were expecting a cheaper core M or i3 processor considering what you pay for this laptop on Amazon. It comes with only 4GB DDR3 RAM which was a bit of a bummer but it’s so easy it is to install some extra RAM once you purchase it. Internal storage is a 1TB SATA hard drive which provides ample storage for our needs though we can still add a faster SSD drive as the Intel Broad Well-U PCH-LP mainboard has an empty M.2 slot. Performance is above average as expected considering the components installed. Most applications including Microsoft office and chrome run smoothly. The Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook doesn’t get too loud or too hot under heavy load. Overall, this is a great daily laptop that you can use in a normal multi-tasking environment. We, however, advise you to install at least 8GB of RAM for a smoother experience and an SSD if you have a few extra bucks to spare. These two can be obtained from the seller or Amazon as we noticed they do offer them separately for those who want to buy them or better yet, they can ship it to you with the upgrades installed.

Battery Life

Battery life on the Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook is above average as you can get up to 6 hours of usage on the 3780 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery.


The performance and overall build quality on the Samsung NP300E5K-L04US Notebook make it a viable affordable day to day laptop for practically anyone who needs a computer to get things done. A lot of people, especially in North America, tend to associate Samsung with their flagship Galaxy smartphones but it’s good to note ( no pun intended 🙂 that they actually do make competitively priced laptops for this market.

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