Image of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813NZKEXAR

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813NZKEXAR

Since its inception and entrance to the tablet space, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813NZKEXAR has turned out to have an edge over it rivals; with virtues similar to the Apple iPad Air 2. The Galaxy Tab comes in two configurations –a stellar 8 inch model and a larger 9.7 model, both of which have brilliant screen estate, plenty of storage and a blissful slender build that’s easy to handle while working.


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813NZKEXAR | Amazon has a sleek thin design, vivid color screen that is bright and attractive. It has 32GB worth of storage that can be bumped up to 128 GB using the microSD card expansion slot. For security purposes, it comes with a fingerprint scanner for user identification.


  • Unlike certain models, there’s no detachable keypad or drawing pen
  • The Brightness output is less this time so it’s a little challenging to view the screen outdoors in the sun.
  • No IR blasters for access to home entertainment systems


In my opinion there was drastic change that can be found on the Galaxy Tab S2 that the Galaxy S 10.4 didn’t have, and if you’re looking for big screened tab, the Samsung Galaxy tab S 10.4 still is a great choice (has IR Blasters omitted in the S2 Tab). However, if you’re interested in better storage (32GB) that can be expanded to 128GB on a microSD card and a sleeker, lightweight handheld tab then the Galaxy S2 should do it for you.

Samsung has outdone itself again, making an advanced Tab that underscores their ambitions of dethroning Android tablet rivals in the market. Considering the features we were well used to on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.4, here are some of a few changes vividly noticeable on this new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813NZKEXAR. A considerable step down from the 10.4 inch screen and 2,560 x 1,600 – pixel resolution down to 9.7 inches and 2,048×1,536-pixel resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813NZKEXAR SPECS

Screen Size9.7 inches
Screen Resolution2046 x 1536 pixels
Processor1.9 GHz 8032
Wireless TypeBluetooth
Average Battery Life (in hours)6 Hours
Operating SystemAndroid
Item Weight1 pound
Product Dimensions9.7 x 7 x 1
Rear Webcam Resolution8 MP
Processor Count2
Processor BrandIntel


The Samsung Galaxy Tab S is a slim, remarkable piece of tech, thinnest –up to date- tab in the market. With a 9.7 x 7 x 1.5 it beats its counterparts the Apple iPad Mini and Dell Venue 8 7000 that held the realm for a while now. It has a 9.7 inch screen but a smaller version of 8.0 inches is also available as a choice for those in need of a smaller and more compact tab with similar features. The screen is well surrounded by clean polished black plastic chassis that covers it all the way to the back. It’s a perfect finish and you can hardly see any flaws until you meet with the Home button – which we’ll discuss later on – and ports.

The build might feel premium to one party and not to others if compared to the Apple iPad Mini and the Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Aluminum finish, so bottom line the choice really depends on one’s taste of tech preferences. But for me it certainly stacks up better to its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S that had a plastic faux-leather finish. Speaking of the predecessor, the Samsung Tab Pro S was a marvel to behold and had a spectacular screen resolution and AMOLED display that stunned with great dark black levels and vibrant saturation of color. The Tab Pro S2 followed well in those footsteps.

Moving on to the ports, on the right side of the Tab is the power button, volume rocker and microSD card slot. The microSD slot is rather small and would require a pointy thing to eject the microSD card. A thick pin would do perfectly if you can get your hands on one; good thing Samsung provides one in its packaging. At the bottom, the Tab houses a headphone jack and Micro-USB port and two speakers fitted on either side of the bottom of the tab.

Although not groundbreaking, the Galaxy Tab edges are flat and the corners smoothly rounded for ease when your fingers hold on to them. The edges are thin but also give enough room for your fingers to rest while holding the tab, which is what everyone wants, a solid grip for easy use. Now, about solid grip, it won’t be easy holding this tab with just a single hand considering it 9.7 inch specs. Perhaps the 8.0 inch Tab is best fit here. But if you do have large hands you can make it work for you. On the brighter side it does only weigh 1 pound which majority can lift with a single palm.

The Home button is carefully placed at the bottom centre of the screen. The fine finish might fool you and the button evade your eye were it not for the oval nature button and the back lighting that illuminates its edges sort, of causing attention to it. The Home button is the only button on the Tabs frame and it comes fully fledged with a fingerprint scanner to securely give access to authorized users. So far, besides the password check this is the only other security feature with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813NZKEXAR.

There are a couple of internal features that make the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 a great user friendly tab: multi-window, Pop-up view and all the branded S applications. On top of that Samsung also enhanced the Sidesync feature allowing for pairing with your Smartphone and transfer of data from your tablet to your Smartphone and vice versa.


The Galaxy Tab Pro screen is powered by Android 5.1 (Lollipop) with 2046 x 1536 (QXGA) Super AMOLED resolution Display, which even without being 4K still delivers splendid picture for a tab. The Galaxy Tab Pro S2 core runs on an Android operating System and a Quad 1.9GHz + Quad 1.3GHz, Octacore application processor, with 32 GB Flash Memory and 3 GB DDR3 RAM. The 32GB is sufficed for a Tablet memory, if you asked me, but just in case you still need some more storage, the Tab has a 128GB expandable microSD slot for additional storage. The 32GB, 64GB and 128GB microSD card variety are available on Samsung website and on Amazon if you’re interested in boosting storage capacity.

Additional features worth knowing are the Enrynos 7 Octa SoC Chipset, Bluetooth 4.1 (BLE) and Wi-Fi 802.11 ac MIMO. The WI-Fi speed is great and is faster than regular Wi-Fi.

Graphics and gaming

Thanks to the AMOLED display 264ppi pixel density, gaming on this tablet is fun and easy. Although it’s not build particularly for gaming like a conventional laptop or PC, it does play a few games well. We tried the N.O.V.A. 3 and it played well without lag and frame drop.

Due to the slight screen change from 10.4 to 9.7 – which is astonishingly similar size to the iPad Pro 9.7 inch Tablet – it now is more of a square than a rectangular tab making is pleasantly great for reading or watching videos.


On the front is a simple 2.1-megapixel camera great for selfies and video conferencing while the rear back is an 8-megapixel camera. If you’ve had a better camera on a phone or laptop, the selfie isn’t going to impress you. So don’t expect any miracles here. Despite that, video conferencing still is clear enough with Quad HD video capabilities so you can see the other guy pretty clearly even in low level light. You can also utilize the digital zoom when video recording for close range shorts.  On the rear camera, the 8 megapixel is much suitable for photography. The Galaxy offers variety of scene modes to choose from: panoramic, HDR and virtual shot which go a long way to ensuring great picture quality.

Things I loved

On the brighter side it does only weighs 1 pound which majority can lift with a single palm and also is sleek and slim so it can fit into any crevices or spaces you squeeze it into.

Things I disliked

Unlike certain models such as the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4, there’s no detachable keypad or drawing pen, which would have been a great add-on for reading and writing, especially during travel.

The Brightness output is less with a total of 375 nits, so it’s a little challenging to view the screen outdoors in the sun.


The Dell and Samsung tablets also have microSD card slots to further increase their storage capacity to 128GB which is a striking resemblance to Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813NZKEXAR.

If you’re in the market for a cool lightweight and with no much special features, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T813NZKEXAR is your best bet. It’s great for reading, watching movies and playing games and I better budget-wise compared to its rivals the Apple iPad Air 2 and  Dell Venue 10 7000 Tablets.

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