Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 510s 23 Touchscreen all-in-one PC Review

This is what happens when simplicity marries elegance!
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Lenovo just couldn’t miss the action. After the prestige and hype that followed the iMac, Lenovo came up with its own design of an all-in-one desktop PC that would rival the iMac. When it comes to looks, the Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s touchscreen 23 all-in-one PC (F0C30013US) carried the day. However, when we get down to business, it’s a little slow owing to its hard disk drive and low power processor.


  • Excellent display
  • Great design


  • Low power CPU
  • Fairly average Processor


The Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 510s 23 Touchscreen all-in-one PC (F0C30013US) looks both great and performs well. I would recommend it to users with moderate performance demands and who love entertainment.

Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s Specs

ProcessorIntel Core i7-6500U processor | 2.5 – 3.1 GHz
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64
Display23″ FHD With Multi-Touch Function (1920×1080)
GraphicsIntel HD Graphics 520
Memory8 GB DDR4 2133 MHz
Hard Drive1TB 5400 RPM
Optical DriveExternal DVD Recordable
Network Card802.11 AC(1×1)
Item weight9.76 lbs
Dimensions12.8 x 1.64 x 20.58 in
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Lenovo simply made it happen with the Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s 23 touchscreen All-in-one. Its elegant design stands out as a with a touch of deliberate perfection. Its best and the most attractive feature is its display which we’re going to talk about in a little while.

It measures only 7.2 millimeters at it’s thinnest (at the top) thickening at the bottom where most of its internal components are housed. The all-in-one display is widely adjustable, rotating from -5 degrees to 30 degrees. That means that you can tilt it to whatever angle that you find comfortable and still see the screen quite clearly. The Ideacentre AIO 510s 23 touchscreen AIO’s total weight is 4.4 kgs exclusive of peripherals.

That aside, its body is made of plastic with only it’s stand is made of metal. Nonetheless, the fell is quite premium and solid.

Ports are placed at it’s back and two on the webcam that ejects at the bottom of the display. We’ll have a look at that in a bit.

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GraphicsIntegratedGeForce 940MXGeForce 940MXIntegratedIntegrated
Internal Storage1 TB HDD256 GB SSD256 GB SSD256 GB SSD1 TB HDD
Price See it See it See it See it See it


Rear view of the Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s 23 Touchscreen All-in-one PC (F0C30013US)

The Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s come with four USB 3.0 ports, two of which are located on the sides of the webcam. One of the ports it taken up by the keyboard and mouse wireless receiver. Other ports include a HDMI Port, Gigabit Ethernet port and a headphone/microphone combo jack.

Its WiFi Network protocol is 802.11 AC(1×1) which is a late release. That means better connection, better signal strength, and faster speeds.

If you’re looking for a main Internet and entertainment hub for the whole family the 510S has you covered. With WiFi 802.11 a/c and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity options, it’s a powerful way to stream audio and video to every device in the house.



If you’re sick of the cluttered feeling cables give your work desk, you will love the wireless mouse and keyboard. The keys are quite like those found in traditional Lenovo Laptops, and they perform just as well. They are as responsive and quick as you would expect them to be. They aren’t backlit, so take that off your mind for now. That would have of course been difficult to implement since there are no cables to power them up anyway, and they’d require a fair amount of power. The mouse and keyboard take two AAA batteries each to work.

The elegant design of the mouse is by all means attractive. However, I found that it was a little difficult to use it owing to its upward curved design, or shall I say it’s hump design. That makes handling it a little unnatural. However, that may not be a problem if you have long fingers. Lenovo also replaced the rolling slider on a typical mouse with a touch panel which happens to be a little unresponsive. While such a move is welcome, a few years of research and improvement is needed here.

The upside is that you can always replace the mouse for another one if you find the present one unusable.


The retractable camera of the Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s 23 Touchscreen All-in-one PC (F0C30013US)

The webcam is placed underneath the display in a pull-down hide away hub. On its side are two USB port. Such a location and setting has its inherent pros and cons. It, of course, looks great … and you don’t have to fear a hacker tapping into your webcam and spying on you. You can just slide it back in when not in use.

The downside is that it position at the bottom of the display of necessity has it facing upward. This means that it captures the lower side of your face better than it does the upper. This may be a little uncomfortable for some users.

DVD drive

The Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s – F0C30013US comes with an external DVD writer. This, of course, is an important component to have in a computer for some users. However, to others, an SD card slot would furnish their needs better. I personally think it would be really great to have one such in this machine.


The Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s – F0C30013US sports a 23″ FHD With Multi-Touch Function display. Pixel density is 1920×1080. It features a borderless display with incredibly thin bezels, and it looks great in my opinion. However, it is in the nature of humans to always want more than they are entitled to. So while the FHD display is of nice, it would have been really wonderful to have a QHD or QHD+ display to match the large screen size.

A 23-inch touchscreen is something to behold. The AIO 510S display runs on Advanced In-Cell Touch (AIT) technology which creates a whole new experience with touch. While this feature is advantageous, I personally don’t find it really comfort reaching out to touch the screen while seated. But it comes in handy when using it on my feet and having the display tilted upward.

Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s 23 Touchscreen AIO PC

Viewing angles are great with the Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s, almost reaching 180 degrees. That means you can comfortably watch from any angle and still be enjoying the experience. That’s a great feature if you love having folks gather around your machine to watch movies or see pictures.

The screen can produce up to 89.8% of the sRGB color gamut, a decent contrast of 1,044:1. It can also achieve a screen brightness of 274 nits

Further, the matte finish eliminates reflections without affecting display quality so much.



The Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s Touchscreen AIO PC runs on a 6th Generation Intel Core i7-6500U processor (2.5 – 3.1 GHz).

The Core i5 version is available with other third-party vendors and at the official Lenovo Site.

Our test machine is the Core i7 version. Note that all other specs are similar across the board for the three variations except for the processor.

The 6th Generation Intel Core i7-6500U is a fairly high-end processor used commonly in premium mainstream laptops. The silver lining of the Core i7-6500U is that it runs cooler and uses less power than its quad-core counterparts. While this are good pros, they really do not match well with a desktop PC as much as they would have in a laptop. Power consumption while an important factor does not arise as much of an issue when you’re always plugged in full time. And since the all-in-in one PC had more space around its chassis to aid in cooling, heat dissipation should be less of a problem than it would be in laptops.

When it comes to gaming, the Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s doesn’t match up so well. It cannot handle any AAA titles, nor can it handle most games in medium setting. However, you can expect to play some games in the lowest setting such as Call of Duty: WWII, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Monster Hunter World among others. However, if you need a gaming desktop, this is just not the choice you should go with.

It is my take that a quad-core processor such as the Core i7 6700HQ would have been a better processor for this machine.

Laptops with Core 17 6500U processor include HP Spectre X360 and Dell XPS 13. Also, the Lenovo Flex 4 is a 2-in-1 laptop that games far better than the Ideacentre yet costing roughly the same amount.


The Core i7-6500U incorporates an Integrated Intel 520 graphics card, which performs better than its predecessor, the HD 5500. Well, it performs well for most windows application such as photo editing, but can only handle light games at low graphical settings. If you’re a heavy gamer, you would best go for another machine other than this one.


All variation of the Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s – F0C30013US come came with an 8 GB DDR4 2133 MHz. That of course in onboard memory, no upgrades are possible. But for most users, 8GB is quite sufficient.

Internal Storage

The Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s – F0C30013US makes us of a 1TB Hard Disk Drive(HDD). That provides you sufficient storage for most of your needs — and in line with the “designed for entertainment” theme that the AIO 510s takes, there’s sufficient storage for movies and other media that you may need to store there.

The ugly side is that a HDD is really slow in comparison to a Solid-state Drive(SSD) or M.2 drive and maybe a little disappointing if you’ve had a machine with such a storage.


Audio quality is crisp owing to the Dolby Home Theatre tuned speakers. Peaks are great, though base levels are poor. The speakers are quite loud and distortion free. I personally find the speakers great for online media, but if you love the deep bass and heavy beats, you may consider plugging in external sub-woofers.


It’s interesting to note that the fan in Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s – F0C30013US runs constantly as long as the machine is on. Although it isn’t so loud, if you’re used to a completely silent room, you will definitely notice it.


Along with the machine comes three-month warranty from Amazon and one can request the manufacturer’s warranty on the same portal. Also along with that is a 30 day free trial the McAfee LiveSafe software which protects cross-device, through the cloud, and locally to ensure total security for your data and identity.


The Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s – F0C30013US makes an excellent PC for both the home and work setting. Its beautiful design is exceedingly attractive and it’s color easily blends into any room. All its components are wireless and frees you from all the clatter associated with cables. It saves space on your desktop, is light to move around and easy to set up. The touch edge to edge touchscreen is simply glorious.

Performance wise, it delivers well on moderately demanding tasks but may fall short when it comes to very heavy applications and tasks. The HDD makes it a little slow but nonetheless responsive, and the mouse just doesn’t make the cut. For me, the Lenovo ideacentre AIO 510s gives me mixed feelings… though, for my preferences, it can find its way to my desktop at home.

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