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If you are a committed gamer, looking to leap ahead of everyone, the VR ready, premium CybertronPC CLX set gaming PC could be your propeller. It’s your ultimate gaming animal with some top-notch results, endless power, admirable stamina and achingly great performance to boot. It competes so well so much so that it gives off the feeling that it was really designed by real gamers, for gamers.

The mighty CybertronPC CLX SET Gaming PC has the latest processor powerhouse from AMD; the nextgen AMD Ryzen 7 1700X 3.40GHz 8-Core processor, wrapped up with a highly-efficiency cooling system. Additionally, there is the unrivaled 11GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 cardwhich simply extends visual quality to perfection. Add the ample and rapid storage including a spiteful 16GB DDR4 RAM and you have a machine to match the very best of Alienware.

In summary, you get power, versatility and the future in one package.


  • Greatest performance
  • Sleekly, modern designed
  • Numerous upgrading options
  • VR Ready
  • Competitive pricing


  • Parts of the case have an awkward design.
  • Gets loud when running intensive tasks
  • Comes with a PS/2 Combo


The CybertronPC CLX SET gaming PC/ Check at Amazon is one of the best premium gaming PC with a design and work rate to rival and possibly conquer some major giants in gaming. As a gamer, you want to approach the battle oozing confidence and packing readiness to conquer even the undisputed legend. This CLX gaming PC set is a battle-hardened, intelligently created system that will finally make you stand tall even in enemy territory.

It runs brazenly-fast and puts up quite a show even when cranked to the highest settings; so much so that it has quickly beat even some big time gaming veterans.

Design and features

Being a boutique manufacturer, CybertronPC delivers a luxurious, distinctive design customized to impress. It has a white smooth band of aluminum casing with tempered Plexiglas on the sides. You can comfortably view the smart cabling weaving through the system through the glass window; a true demonstration of class and craftsmanship. The 4 Thermaltake Ring LED fans stand majestically inside on both sides, with the colored LED lighting adding some much needed life in the interior. With an additional RGB Lighting system w/ RF Remote Control, there is more freedom to colors than you would imagine.

In the midst of white dominated tower casing, you will spot the unmistakable black diamond shaped CybertronPC logo perched on the front as if to claim full credit to this wonderful art.

It’s a reasonable size tower case, measuring 8.4 x 18.8 x 19.6 inches and weighing 27lbs which is well within the range of similar beasts like our recently reviewed CybertronPC Titanium-1080X VR Ready Gaming Desktop. Aside from being sleek, the gaming chassis is designed for maximum expandability and airflow to allow cooling. This is evidenced by the even distribution of vents on the rear.

In general, the CLX gaming PC has some outstanding painting, exquisite LED lighting system, a super cool setup and would look awesome on your desk.


You will have fun with a broad range of connectivity options that comes with your CybertronPC CLX set gaming PC. You have a total of 6x the latest version USB 3.1, 2X USB 3.0 plus 4 x USB 2.0 ports. USB 3.1/3.0 is compatible with USB Type-C, the latest plug design that’s quickly gaining traction as an all-time favorite port. Further, USB 3.1 can hit data transfer speeds of upto 10 Gigabit Bits per Second

In addition, you get 4x USB 2.0, which is very useful for backward compatibility especially if you need to connect some legacy slow speed gadgets.

For network connectivity, the system comes armed with a fast Ethernet 1x RJ port. In effect, this means that you would have to purchase a USB Wi-Fi adapter if you prefer wireless internet. Luckily, top-quality Wi-Fi adapters are quite cheap nowadays.

For external display, CybertronPC have factored in 3 DisplayPorts and one HDMI1 port. Hence, you can still mount multiple big screen displays on your CybertronPC CLX set gaming PC if you feel like you want to liven up your gaming.

Awesomely, CybertronPC have included a PS/2 combo. We very well know that the PS/2 is for supporting legacy devices, and you would wonder why the PS/2. Well, PS/2 keyboards can support N-Key Rollover, a feature found only in high-end gaming keyboards, and whose function is to ensure that each key is correctly detected regardless of how many other keys are simultaneously pressed. In comparison, USB keyboards only supports a limited number of simultaneous key presses and are not as efficient in this regard.

You can boost your gaming and multimedia sound by plugging in external sound systems via the sole Audio/Jack port. However, like its common nowadays due to the increased popularity of USB devices, the PC doesn’t come with a DVD reader and you might have to acquire a USB DVD drive separately.

Finally, while you have sufficient expansion options, you may still have to get a USB hub to get additional ports like the Memory card reader and the USB type C.


The CybertronPC can game with the best of them, and comfortably shatters performance benchmarks thanks to the athletic Next Gen Octa-core AMD Ryzen 7 1700X (3.40GHz) processor and massive- still upgradable-16GB DDR4-2400 memory.

Gaming display is perfect with the 11GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 card delivers eye-stunning graphics, without missing a beat not to mention that it comes VR ready. Remember the GTX 1080 card is on NVIDIA Pascal; the most advanced GPU ever created. It has a maximum resolution of 7680×4320 and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Our experience with some of the latest games was incredible; Ashes of the Singularity, Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, Hitman, Metro: Last Light Redux, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege all run at almost maximum FPS.

The CLX SET is fitted with a 256GB solid-state drive on the super-fast PCIe and 3TB hard drive on SATA3 providing a perfect mix of speeds and storage for your games, movies, programs and multimedia. Combined with the fact that it comes with Microsoft Windows 10 Home pre-installed, it’s a plug and play system without much set-up. No wonder, we were able to get up and running within a couple of minutes.

Helping keep everything cool and quiet are the inbuilt Thermaltake Riing LED fans. We did note that sometimes the PC raises its noise levels when busy but it’s not to those levels where you feel strain in the ear drum or feel like it’s just about to burst, and doesn’t overshadow the performance of this beast.

With this PC, it simply a case of demand a performance and well, getting it! This bulldozer will not only roar in gaming but also produce a superstar performance in multitasking, video editing, 3D animation and latest Photoshop.

The installed B350 motherboard has been rated as one of the very best for gaming support and it didn’t disappoint. Furthermore, it works well with the durable and reliable 500 Watt Power Supply trusted to power up everything and drives performance for this PC.

Generally, the CybertronPC CLX set gaming PC simply outshines most of its competitors.

CybertronPC CLX set gaming PC Specs

· Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 1800 3.6GHz 8-Core
· Processor count: 8
· RAM: 16GB DDR4
· Internal Storage: 3TB HDD | 256GB SSD PCIe |
· Operating System: Genuine Windows 10 Home 64-bit
· Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1080 Ti 11GB Video Card
· VR Ready: Yes
· Audio: 7.1 Channel
· Display Ports: 3x DVI | 1x HDMI |
· USB 3.1 Ports: 6
· USB 3.0 Ports: 2
· USB 2.0 Ports: 4
· Dimensions: 8.4 x 18.8 x 19.6 inches
· Item Weight: 27lbs
· Color: White
· Hardware Platform: PC
· Brand name: CybertronPC
· Model Number: TGASETGXH7604WR
· Optical Drive: No
· Power Supply: 500Watts

A real trailblazer in gaming

CybertronPC CLX SET Gaming PC Check at Amazon is a trailblazer of sorts and will leave you in awe of its features. Built on a B350 motherboard, this mamoth brings offers a superb experience: lightning-fast boot times and smooth multitasking, gaming at full throttle, butter smooth video editing experience, and handling complex design programs with the omnipotent processing power.

For sure, just like most of the custom gaming systems, you feel real effort has gone into making this PC a wonderful gaming companion. Just like another gaming PC from CybertronPC- The CybertronPC Titanium-1080X VR Ready Gaming Desktop- you will forever feel thankful working with such a high performer bespoke system. And again, these PCs are very decently priced compared with peers.

For these very reasons, CybertronPC CLX SET Gaming PC makes it to our honored list of top 10 highly recommended gaming and multitasking PCs!

Buy at CybertronPC CLX SET Gaming PC Amazon.

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