CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8420A Desktop Review
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CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8420A Review

We’ve reviewed a dozen desktops here at MOGZTECH, and a couple of them have been from CYBERPOWERPC. CYBERPOWERPC has had a good rapport creating desktops with impressive aesthetics and performance. Right out of the box, their bold styling feels right at home in an esports tournament. The CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8420A Desktop we review today features a good balance of top-end features including Intel Core i7 processor and a Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU. With both of these, you have enough muscle to bust through recent gaming titles without the desktop breaking a sweat. Read the complete CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8420A Desktop review below.


  • Decent Design
  • Premium hardware –Core i7 processor
  • Plenty of storage – 120GB SSD | 2TB HDD
  • Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU for media tasks, gaming and VR
  • Liquid cooling
  • Attractive easy-to-open window side panel
  • Optical Drive
  • Windows 10


  • Some competition offers better performance at this price point.
  • Ostentatious styling isn’t for everyone.
  • Lacks futuristic ports like USB Type -C


With VR capable components and gaming muscle, the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8420A Desktop/ Amazon. is powerful enough to handle most triple-A games. However, the bold design and aesthetics might not be the most appealing and certainly isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. Still, it doesn’t fail to deliver an outstanding performance to gamers and performance seekers. Bottom line, that’s what is important and because of we recommend it.


In the past, we’ve come across lots of gamer-centric laptops and desktops and there’s no question that the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8420A Desktop/ Amazon is a Sci-Fi inspired gaming rig. The bold, robotics design cannot be mistaken; it shares a common theme, one evoking the distinct features of an intergalactic movie (Megatron). There’s a window on the left side panel for viewing into the case which is illuminated by a set of LED lights.

We’ve seen similar windows before apparently because it is a common feature across CYBERPOWERPC rigs. Some other desktops with similar panels include the CYBERPOWERPC BattleBox Ultimate SLC8600A Gaming PC which among all other CYBERPOWERPC desktops had the most appeal in our opinion. But here’s a list of Other CYBERPOWERPC desktops we’ve reviewed:

Moving on, even while the design and ostentatious styling aren’t for everyone, the SLC8420A desktop still ticks the right boxes in more in a few things. Some users who prefer not-so-flashy desktops might find the toned down SLC8420A friendly. That aside, metallic construction gives this rig a sturdy feel which is great for durability. The top sports some ventilation grills accented with LED lights for a more sophisticated feel. The front face has a few ports (which we’ll cover later), an optical drive and its Identifying logo clearly etched at the bottom for all to see.

Size-wise, this imposing black case desktop measures 19.9 x 8.2 x 18.5 inches and weighs 32 pounds; a little heavy to carry around. You’ll need substantial space on your home office desk and/or living rooms. There’s no handle grafted at the top for help when you carry it around, so you’ll have to grapple with it as it is.


There’s plenty of space for ports on this large desktop. Traditional or USB headphones can be plugged from the front connectors for convenience. Additionally, there’s an optical drive to cater for your DVD movies, music, and software. That means you can now both download PC games online from services like Steam and Origin and use physical DVDs at the same time; an added bonus of sorts!

The back and front offer a seamless array of ports. Combined you get six USB 3.0 ports (two at the front) and two USB 2.0 ports, none of which are futuristic (USB Type-C). Other than those, there is a 7-in-1 Audio port, Ethernet por,, and Bluetooth 802.11 AC Wi-Fi. Thanks to the Nvidia GTX 1070 on this baby, you get extra ports for connections to external display: a DVI port, a single HDMI port, and a single VGA port.

Awesome combination of hardware, Plenty of Memory and Storage

In a continuation of the remarkable design, CYBERPOWERPC comes with plenty of power all thanks to a sweet combination of hardware. CYBERPOWERPC put together a great set of features making sure its flamboyance doesn’t end with looks; it’s skin deep. A 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7-7700K processor sits at the heart of this rig attached to an Intel Z170/Z270 Chipset motherboard. At full performance (overclocked), the processor clocks a turbo speed of 4.8 GHz. At this point, the fans kick in and you can hear them hum behind the scene, but fortunately, they aren’t loud and should allow you to work without much distraction.


Second on the path is the 16 GB memory. It’s more sufficient for heavy multitasking, running applications, games, handling software and other intensive loads like running media, movies and programs while working simultaneously. Speaking of music, the CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8420A Desktop comes with plenty of storage that’s more than the average run-to-the-mill desktop.

You can save more music, movies, media, software and games on the 2TB hard drive (HDD) and 120 GB Solid State Drive (SSD). As is, the solid state drive allows for fast boot times; it takes it down to mere seconds. That way the desktop takes less time to start and load software/ programs.

For users looking to expand, all that is possible via two external 5.25-inch bays and two internal 3.5-inch drive bays. The maximum amount that the memory can handle beyond 16GB is up to 64 GB through four DIM slots (two already occupied).


The CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8420A Desktop graphics unit stands as its biggest defining feature. As a result of the Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU, this desktop is capable of handling some recent gaming titles with butter smooth precision and frame rates. We tested a couple of games to pace the GPU. Generally, there were good results in lower settings but it cascaded on 4K.

  • Ark Survival Evolved 2017 74.8 fps on medium 1920 x 1080 settings
  • Ark Survival Evolved 2017 13.9 fps on 3840 x 2160 settings
  • Dirt 4 2017 128 fps on high 1920 x 1080 settings
  • Prey 2017 134 fps on ultra 1920 x 1080 settings

On 4K settings, nothing beats the Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card. It still holds the scepter and the throne in gaming performance, and is certainly the go-to-graphics card for gamers currently.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Supreme Liquid Cool SLC8420A Specs

  • Processor 4.2 GHz Intel i7-7700K Quad Core
  • RAM 16 GB DDR4
  • Hard Drive 2048 GB GB 7200 RPM SATA III
  • Flash Memory 128GB SSD
  • Graphics GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB RAM)
  • Operating System Windows 10
  • Weight 32 pounds
  • Dimensions 19.9 x 8.2 x 18.5 inches
  • Color Black
  • Hard Drive Interface Serial ATA-600
  • Optical Drive DVD+RW


The configuration options vary depending on size and make of the graphics card, and the processor used versus the storage capacity (Style). We’ve put together the options available to you on Amazon.

GPU Type or Size



When paying more than $1000 bucks for a gaming desktop, you expect the performance offered to top the price or at least to reach a satisfactory level. While the CYBERPOWERPC might not completely come with the aesthetic grandeur that will please all, it does reach the heights of its performance expectations. Even without the elegance of its CYBERPOWERPC mates, it still manages to muscle its gaming performance like a powerhouse with the help of the Nvidia GTX 1070 graphics unit.

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