Best Laptop Backpacks 2018

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We came up with a list of favorite bags to suit every situation; whether you’re commuting to your 9 to 5, traveling across borders or just simply in need of a backpack that enables charging while on the move. These are the top and our favorite list of laptop backpacks and messenger bags to protect and carry your laptop in. They are an excellent selection with plenty of compartments, plenty of padding for comfort on trips and extra space to accommodate your luggage. Here are the best laptop backpacks 2018.

Best Laptop Backpacks 2018

Peak Design Everyday messenger Bag 15 inch (Charcoal)

The Everyday Messenger is a minimalist laptop bag that strikes a great balance between design and functionality. It has a small form factor, but it’s nicely padded and has a couple of sleeves and compartments for fitting your gear and accessory. Although it’s originally a photographer’s bag, the Peak Everyday Messenger spreads its impressive design to the laptop arena. It comes with a magical Mag latch clasp system that closes magnetically. Additionally, there are strong, versatile adjustable straps, an optional capture camera clip and weatherproofed exterior zippers and zippered internal laptop sleeve. It’s available in two sizes (13 inches and 15 inches) and two colors (charcoal and heritage). It also has the advantage of removable dividers and a design custom-made for photographers, travelers, commuters and everyone in-between. You can access some ingeniously made pockets without necessarily opening the main bag’s compartments.

The downside, however, is that it’s pricey and doesn’t have that much space for extras compared to other cheaper models. But ultimately, that should not be a glaring trade-off is you value aesthetics and built quality over capacity.


McKlein USA Chicago Leather Detachable-Wheeled Laptop Case

The McKlein USA Chicago Leather bag is certainly among the best ranking luxury bags in the market now. It combines a great measure of elegance and functionality which makes it most suitable for professionals and the business class category. You won’t get disappointed with the design, looks or butter smooth full grain cowhide leather. The bag looks awfully sharp on the outside and quite spacious on the inside. It can swallow whole a 17-inch laptop and has other extra zipper pockets and sleeves to accommodate your accessories while at it. The highlight of this bag is the detachable wheel and handle (removable at will) option, that allows you to roll/pull away when the load gets too heavy. It certainly makes carrying luggage at the airport a breeze, but you will have to pay a good dime for it. Your laptop, notebook, tablet or phone can fit tuck into this bag and keep safe from the world and elements thanks to the ten millimeters (about 0.4 inches) of high-density form. There is space for all your business essentials including pens, business cards, cell phones as well as other added accessories such as power cords and extra laptop battery. Bottom line, McKlein USA Chicago Leather bag looks, feels and acts the part of a premium laptop bag and we recommend it to all those able to afford it.


Mancro Business Water Resistant Polyester laptop Backpack (fits 17-inch laptops)

For all those design and space enthusiasts, the Mancro Business Water Resistant laptop Backpack is just the best bet for you. It comes in an attractive Polyester design in light gray color and has just the right amount of compartments and layers to house your belongings. You can easily slide in as far as a 17-inch laptop for your daily trip to work every day, and still have some sleeves to hold some extras, for instance, an iPad, a notebook, pens and pencils, iPhones and tablet. The outside has a sleeve to hold a mid-sized water bottle ideal for when you’re traveling or heading to class/college and it comes with straps at the middle and bottom to tighten the bag (prevents the weight of from pulling you backward).


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What we loved most about this bag is that it blends well the casual user, college student and can also be used for reporting to the office without unnecessarily getting you embarrassed. The design is lightweight, neat and peculiar such that you won’t get confused for a Bagpacker when fully loaded, which we thought was a nice touch. If you own a portable battery charger, the bag also comes with a charger extender which offers convenient charging of your devices. The Mancro laptop Backpack receives our highest recommendation for budget laptop backpacks and enjoys similar social backing on Amazon too.


Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

If you’re looking for a visually appealing and spacious backpack on a budget, the Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack thrives well in that space and is worth checking out. This bag comes with a black 100% Polyster exterior with brown straps, top-flap design and red signature striped fabric liner on the inside. The outside is lined with nylon and the interior is actually well padded. It can carry a whole bunch of things but won’t hurt your back while at it because it is well padded and fleeced. The backpack can accommodate a 15-inch laptop in its inner pocket sleeve and has inner pockets to hold your iPhone and media pocket headphone port. The bag is closed using a magnetic strap with metal pin clips. The out pockets are impressive as they have a hidden zipper and also have a strap to secure them as well. The shoulder straps provide a lot of padding against the weight of heavy loads which makes it easy to handle the load when fully packed. The upside of this bag is the amount of luggage it can swallow and that doubles up as a great mountaineering backpack at the same time. You can make your choice from the myriad of colors available on Hershel Supply Co. Backpacks section at Amazon. Should anything go haywire, Herschel expanded their warranty to a limited lifetime warranty. Well, that does not include wear and tear. The customer support should be able to help in incidences of damage.


Pad & Quill Messenger Bag

Pad & Quill is everything a modern messenger bag should be; simple, comfortable and elegant. Don’t be deceived by its scanty moderate-capacity-looks, it can accommodate a 15-inch laptop comfortably so you don’t need to worry about your 15″ MacBook Pro Retina laptop fitting snugly here.  The bag is made of full-grain American cowhide leather and is handmade with each bag uniquely crafted and signed by its leather artisan. The inside has a sleeve for the laptop and two extra sleeves where you can fit your diary or novel, a few cables and a couple of books for class or the road. The two latter sleeves have straps to tighten them in place. Additionally, you can tuck your iPhone (or earphones) on the outside sleeve too, is closer and reliable than having it inside; which normally leads to ransacking and destroying the order already in place inside. Pad & Quill made it easy to carry the bag thanks to a shoulder strap ingeniously made with an adjustable leather shoulder strap and hand held strap. The bag also closes with a flat-top leather cover. The Pad & Quill bag resembles the Kattee Men’s Crazy Horse Leather Shoulder Briefcase 14 inch laptop bag, KomalC 15 Inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop and Wowbox Leather Vintage Messenger Bag for 15 inch laptops, which both flourish because of their impressive leather finish appeal but the Pad & Quill still reigns for having butter smooth finishes and generally elegant aesthetics. With that said, you should get ready to spend a premium price for it.



Incase EO Travel Backpack

The In case is an ergonomic backpack that created for professionals and workers who want to carry their office with them or just simply a whole load of the organization. It is a refined backpack that will fit anything you want to carry along with you without looking bulbous, and still maintain the comfort of wearing it. That’s owing to a sternum strap and a well padded back that prevents hurting your back while fully loaded. We loved the dark color which looks and blends well even with a blazer, so you can lug your laptop and head to work without feeling embarrassed that looks like a holdover from your high school years. There are a number of pockets (21 pockets) to cover your luggage too. Ideally, Incase can fit a 13-inch MacBook Air, iPad, power supply, iPhone 6, lightning cables, camera, notebook, keys, diary, USB cables, memory sticks and SD cards if you have to saddle them all together. It also has partitions to pass your cables through; that could be your power bank backup or headphone. There are no exterior pockets to hold your water bottles, so you’ll have to use the inside pockets. Ultimately, while organization and design are Incase’s biggest strength, they also contribute to creating its biggest flaw – the bag doesn’t shrink when it’s empty and won’t get any lighter when you load up your stuff. It can get pretty heavy when full.


M.R.K.T. Evan Backpack

The M.R.K.T. Evan is a stylish Backpack that helps make a statement of class. Whether you need a bag for work or just a casual carry-on for your laptop for your usual trip to the coffee shop for Wi-Fi, the Evans Backpack has you sorted. It’s an impressive creation from the Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger ( M.R.K.T.), a Los Angeles-based company started by a Harvard architect. The black felt body (there are other colors to choose from) blends well with the white zipper lines and marks the position of the outer front pockets. The backpack is spacious and its inside has internal pockets fit to house an iPad mini. It doesn’t come with that many pockets but compensates that with strong straps for carrying at the bag and handle straps for holding the bag. The highlight is that the shoulder straps are removable when/if you don’t need them. While the Evan Backpack may look a little too precious to carry considerable weight, it can easily adapt to carrying a MacBook Pro (15-inches), two large textbooks, a novel and bottled drink and still keep its cool aesthetically. You can use it for work and wear a blazer while at it too.



Briggs & Riley Relay Convertible Brief

Besides being a neat and impressively built backpack, the Briggs & Riley Relay Convertible Brief makes a solid statement in design and functionality. It’s made of 100% Nylon in an all black coded material and brags of durable, soft-touch neoprene handles that offer comfortable grip. The highlight of this backpack is that it comes with plenty of quick storage pockets for storing items on the outside (water bottle has its own compartment too) which we thought is very neat. The interior also flaunts of padded compartments for your high-tech gadgets such as iPad, iPhone, and webbing loops to hold on to your pens, earbuds, keys. We noted on the inside, an impressive arrangement that allows your power brick and cables a compartment of their own.

Briggs and Riley sports a CordPass feature too; an ingenious arrangement for your laptop and power cord that allows your laptop to charge while securely nesting in its separate compartment. Moving on, besides from the handles, the backpack comes with well-padded shoulder straps that can also be removed/hidden to convert the backpack into a brief (brief for professionals for a backpack for casuals), by zipping them into a back panel. In a stroke of brilliance, Briggs & Riley also included a long strap on the side that comes in handy when you need to use the bag as a messenger type of bag. That too can be tucked and zipped in the back panel when not in use.

The back panel has its own trick too. It comes in an aerated mesh design and it’s also thickly padded to give the best lumbar support possible. All this makes carrying your 15-inch possible and comfortable. You can huddle in your tablet on the extra sleeve without worry and it should fit snug. Briggs & Riley Relay bag fits modern professionals looking to roll in style or just anyone with a taste for elegance and the desire to kill three birds with one stone. There is a lifetime warranty on offer for this bag, and it even covers airline damage.



Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger bag

The Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger bag is the perfect expression of effective and functionally in a backpack. It’s dressed in coated Polyurethane, which presents a brave face against the elements and has a good number of pockets tailor-made to suit short travel needs. First, it’s just the right size; that means as minimalistic as you’d want it to be, yet roomy enough to handle any luggage you might want to carry around for your daily work commute or travel.

The inside has a smart collection of two interior slips, one capable of accommodating a 15-inch laptop while the exterior has exterior quick access pockets. It has well-padded compartments (separate for laptops and tablets) and pockets that ensure your laptop and other accessories are kept safe. It is conveniently equipped to accommodate your phones, wallet, notebook, diary, notepad, and sunglasses. The material make looks great for the office environment, has no velcro fastening pockets (can be irritating or embarrassing in meetings) and is also light for your daily carry to work. If you’re a simple and orderly person, the front zip pockets and neat arrangement and compartmentalization inside should allow you quick access to your stuff without having to shuffle through the entire content. But just don’t expect anything fit to impress a fashionista or an indestructible build; it’s just a simple bag with great ergonomics fit to take you through the long haul.



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