Asus X550ZE-WBFX Notebook

Asus X550ZE-WBFX Notebook Review

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The  Asus X550ZE-WBFX is a traditional laptop alright. It sticks to the clamshell design that we all know and love, and doesn’t do away the optical drive. Not only does it pack an impressive series of specs, but also the looks to match. It simply is a fair priced all rounder, and it stakes its claims in the notebook space with pride.

Asus X550ZE Review



  • Presence of a DVD writes is an added advantage
  • Beautiful design
  • Presence of a DVD writes is an added advantage
  • Fairly light weight and thin
  • Good port selection
  • Great display selection



  • No keyboard backlight
  • Average battery life



  • The  Asus X550ZE-WBFX See at Amazon features good specs at a fair price. A generally good all rounder that earns a place in your short list.


Asus X550ZE Specs


ProcessorAMD FX 7500 | 2.1 GHz turbo to 3.3 GHz
 Quad-Core | 4 GB Cache
RAM8 GB; (2 x 4 GB) | DDR3L SDRAM
Internal Storage1 TB Serial ATA
Display1920 x 1080 (Full HD)| LED backlight | 16:9 Aspect Ratio
       Monitor Features
ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology
45% NTSC  color gamut, Ultra Slim Design, anti-glare
GraphicsAMD Radeon R7 M260 / AMD Radeon R5 M230
CameraVGA Web Camera
Optical DriveDVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM
SpeakersBuilt-in Speakers And Microphone
FeaturesASUS SonicMaster Technology, ASUS AudioWizard
& ASUS Bang & Olufsen ICEpower
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0, IEEE 802.11b/g/n
PortsHeadphone/microphone combo jack
2 x USB 3.0
USB 2.0
Memory Card2 in 1 (SD Card, MultiMediaCard, SDHC Card)
Chip SetAMD A76M FCH
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home 64-bit Edition
Battery44 Wh | 4-Cell Lithium-ion
AdapterInput – 100 -240 V AC (50/60) Hz
Output – 19 V DC, 4.74 A, 90 W
Dimensions15 x 9.9 x 1.2 Inches | 38.1 x 25.1 x 3.0 cm
ColorMatte dark gray with classic spin-line finish
Matte purple-gray with texture (top case)
Weight4.98 lbs



Were a series of great looking notebooks aligned along with the Asus X550ZE-WBFX See at Amazon in a beauty pageant, it would probably receive the prize as the queen of beauty. It would however be among the the top half of the group. Viewing the lid at an angle reveals a series of circles intricately engraved into the plastic top in a classic spin-line finish. The look is exquisite, and the feel wonderful. At the center of all the action is the ASUS insignia thats glitters a shinny silver.

The Asus X550ZE-WBFX weighs 4.98 lbs, several grams lighter than most notebooks. Its grey exterior contrasts the silver interior, stealing away the monotony often experienced in single colors. Curved out of the dashboard is the massive track pad, lying side by side with the chiclet keyboard. Black keys island off the dashboard to with write markings on them. Despite their beauty, they unfortunately were left out of the back light train.


The exterior is strong, demonstrating negligible flex both on the lid and on the palm rest. The hing is equally strong and does not permit much screen play. Its battery is none removable.


Port selection

The selection of ports in the Asus X550ZE-WBFX See at Amazon is not so unique to other notebooks, but it is sufficient. It comes with all the necessary ports that one may require in a day-to-day work/play life. Its got one input/output combo jack, a mini VGA port for an external monitor, two USB 3.0 ports, a RJ45 LAN Jack and a HDMI port.

Wireless connectivity

The Asus X550ZE-WBFX features the IEEE 802.11n wireless standard, Iwhich has backward compatibility with the IEEE 802.11b/g. It supports a larger bandwidth than its predecessors by utilizing multiple wireless signals and antennas instead of one (Called MIMO). Thus you can expect data transfer speeds of close to 300Mbps and a strong stable Wi-Fi connection with the Asus X550ZE-WBFX. Note however, that a more recent standard is out in the market, IEEE 802.11ac.

Along with the Wi-Fi network is the Bluetooth 4.0 that offers up to 30 meters range. Connectivity is strong over this media, although equally, it’s a generation behind the curve. But don’t get in any way alarmed, it works just fine.

Input devices

There is little to say about the chiclet keys. They are simply great to use and comforable to work on. They aren’t backlit, though that should not be a major concern at this price range. The trackpad features the ASUS Smart Gesture Technology which aids the user to avoid making unintentional entries while typing by differentiating palm and finger contact. If further allows the user to swap over pages using two fingers and slide over programs with a three finger swipe. The pressure points are well centered and not overly noisy.


The upper display bezel houses an embedded VGA webcam and microphone. Picture and audio quality is alright for skyping and other uses, though it falls behind higher end comparisons in the same space.

While the trend today is to exempt DVD drives to make room for more internal storage or more battery space, the Asus X550ZE-WBFX sticks to its old is gold mantra. It comes with an optical drive that which is still a welcome companion to many users. Also along with that is the 2 in 1 (SD Card, MultiMediaCard, SDHC Card) card reader which is awesome.


One of the features that’s so attractive with the Asus X550ZE-WBFX See at Amazon is the 15.6 inch Full HD display. The matte finish does a great job in warding off unwanted reflections, and the 1920 x 1080 LED backlight is simply beautiful to behold. It has a 45% NTSC Color Gamut, meaning that it can reproduce a fairly large range of colors. This along with a its high luminance makes for a great viewing experience.

So one may wonder, what exactly is the ASUS Splendid Video Intelligence Technology? In our exploration, we discovered that this refers to the 8 pre-set modes optimized for various multimedia scenarios. This makes changing from one color setting to the other easier as desired, each with a default setting for brightness, contrast, color temperature, sharpness. The user can futher adjust to their preference, and can reset them back to the default at will.

Asus X550ZE Performance


Performance-wise, the Asus X550ZE-WBFX has sufficient power to handle all day-to-day tasks including word processing, internet browsing, multimedia consumption and light multitasking. This it owes to the power efficient AMD FX-7500 processor that it houses under the hood. It is a quad-core processor that’s based on the Kaveri architecture released in June 2014. With a base clock of 2.1GHz and a turbo clock of 3.3GHz, its similar in performance to a Intel Core i3-4100U processor.

It can handle light games, modern games being playable at low settings.

Graphics in the Asus X550ZE-WBFX are handled by a Radeon R7 GPU that with the processor. It can handle most graphical applications comfortably, such as Adobe Photoshop, and moderate gaming. Its performance is similar to GeForce GT 720M. Modern games pre 2014 play flawlessly at medium to low setting at 1024 x 768 or 1366 x 768 pixels, while more recent games post 2014 may play at low settings and in some cases at medium settings.


The Asus X550ZE-WBFX runs on a comfortable 8GB DDR3L SDRAM in two chips. There are two slots which allow a maximum of 16Gb: 8GB in each slot. For its internal storage is a 1 TB HDD that operates at an rpm of 7200. That’s more than enough space for most users multimedia storage needs.

The sound quality is great. This we owe to what ASUS refers to as the ASUS SonicMaster Technology. It consists of larges speakers and resonance chambers along with precision-tuned software. The peaks and lows are well balanced, although the base levels wouldn’t mind a boost.


The Asus X550ZE-WBFX laptop is an all rounder having fixed the challenges faced by the Asus R556LA-RH51(WX) that we previously reviewed. It comes with a definitely better display, more RAM and a faster Hard disk. The 1080p display offers a wonderful viewing experience, and the speakers do not disappoint either. It’s design while not being breathtaking is quite impressive, additng valuer to the already strong body. And more importantly, the price is friendly.

However after all the positive sentiments about the Asus X550ZE-WBFX, it would definitely do with a keyboard backlight. Also, the speakers would in my opinion do with a little more base, though they sound generally good.


Buy the Asus X550ZE-WBFX laptop from Amazon.


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