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Budget used to have a bad reputation. And it was almost normal resigning to buying a brand new machine sooner than a year or if you’re lucky three. Now, budget systems are better, long-lasting and productive as ever. They are capable of surfing the web, streaming videos, working on Office documents on top of other daily duties. Others are able to even play games. The Asus M32CD US003T is a budget desktop, an inexpensive system that will surely get you through day-to-day tasks. The Asus M32CD desktop is not your average slothful budget desktop, and we’ll explain why in detail in this Asus M32CD US003T Review.


  • Powerful 6th generation quad-core Intel processor – Core i5-6400
  • Plenty of Hard drive storage – 1TB HDD
  • Upgradability
  • Simple and Elegant design
  • Has wireless connectivity – 802.11ac


  • Does not include an SSD drive
  • Lacks dedicated graphics card


Low budget machines, let alone desktops usually depict a low performance. Thankfully, the Asus M32CD desktop makes a strong statement owing to its powerful Quad-core chip (some configurations come with dual-core processors) for a more powerful user experience. You can edit video, hold web conferences for business and watch multimedia like movies on it without any problems. Better yet, with a few tweaks here and there, this desktop can game o fairly recent titles. For the price, you get an 8GB DDR3 memory, 1 TB HDD, and a plethora of ports to work with. We recommend it for home users, small businesses for running day to day duties lie web browsing.

Asus M32CD US003T Specs

Processor6th Generation Intel Core i5-6400 Quad Core
Speed2.7 GHz
Internal Storage1TB SATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)
Storage ExpandabilityYes
GraphicsIntel Integrated 530 HD Graphics
Optical DriveSuperMulti DVD RW
Card Reader5 -in-1: SD/ SDHC/ MS/ MS Pro/ MMC
Connectivity Gigabit Ethernet IEEE 802.11 AC Wi-Fi/ RJ45 LAN with Bluetooth 4.0
Front Ports1 x 5-in-1 Card Reader 1 x Headphone 1 x Microphone 2 x USB 3.0
Back Ports1 x RJ45 LAN 1 x HDMI 1 x VGA (D-sub) Out 2 x USB 3.1 2 x USB 3.0 2 x USB 2.0 1 x Headphone 1 x Microphone 1 x Line-in 1 x Central Bass 1 x Right Speaker 1 x Left Speaker
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows 10 Home 64bit
Dimensions6.93 x 16.08 x 14.95 inch (WxDxH)

Design and features

From a distance, the Asus M32CD US003T is an intriguing desktop. Housed in a modern silver case, it’s a dazzling piece of architecture laden with scads of connectivity options at its front face. Ideally, this baby weighs a bit above 18 pounds and measures 6.93 x 16.08 x 14.95 inch (WxDxH); just the right size for a moderately sized desk space. It compares favorably with the Acer Aspire TC-780-ACKI5 desktop (measures 6.89 x 17.43 x 15.67 inches and weighs 18.43 lbs)

The design is simple and includes two removable side panels on both sides of the case. There is no Plexi-glass for viewing the insides like other desktops with reviewed in the past; for instance, the CyberpowerPC’s Gamer Xtreme VR GXiVR8020A Gaming Desktop at Amazon and other CyberPower PC desktops. Still, that doesn’t make it utterly hopeless. The side metallic side panels provide security for the inside parts and can be easily accessed if you’re good with a screwdriver.


For further reference, we’ve included a list of full specifications on the Asus M32CD US003T Specs sheet which includes the correct number of ports at the front and rear of this desktop. That said, we were very impressed with the positioning of the ports. The front port are conveniently placed at the front face making it a cinch to access the I/O ports.

At the front, you get two USB 3.0 Ports, a 5-in-1 media card reader, and a microphone and headphone jack. On the other hand, the rear comes with two more USB 3.0 ports, a USB C 3.1 port, a USB 2.0 port, HDMI and VGA port for display output and the 5.1 channel sound outputs for surround sound output.

Input Devices

Asus includes some extra devices along with this desktop. On purchase, you get a complimentary keyboard and mouse to work with which leaves you with a shortage of just the monitor. The keyboard and mouse have a cheap look to them but they work fine for this budget price. The keyboard has decent key travel which is great for typing while the mouse offers responsive clicks; nothing great but they should get the work done in the long run.


The Asus M32CD works with a 6th Generation Intel Core i5-6400 Quad-Core processor (6MB SmartCache) running at 2.7 GHz processing speed and up to 3.3 GHz processing on Turbo. Given these components, you shouldn’t expect a miracle performance-wise especially when placed side by side to a modern gaming desktop. But these work just as fast as a conventional day-to-day computer with great overall performance. You should be able to work with PowerPoint presentations, watch a movie or do simple computing tasks like browse the web. We’ll cover gaming in a while.

Internal memory is the low voltage 8GB DDR3 RAM that’s enough for your typical office tasks. This should be enough for daily routine tasks in the office, multi-media and watching movies. For gaming, upgrading to a 16GB RAM might be a good idea worth considering.


For storage, the Asus M32CD US003T rides a 1TB hard drive that is handy for storage of large multimedia files, games and your music collection. While this is a perfect feature, it also reveals a glaring caveat of the Asus M32CD US003T; the lack of solid state drive storage. As a result, the boot time is much longer and the M32CD takes substantially longer to turn on. However, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker if your budget is as modest as your bottom line.

As for gaming, you would have to get a relatively beefier discrete graphics card for the job considering the Intel Integrated 530 HD Graphics isn’t strong enough to offer a decent gaming experience. On the bright side, it can play less demanding games like Minecraft. We tried a few titles on our gaming test and here’s a list of those that performed best:

Lastly, another caveat with desktops is that you will have to make separate arrangements for a is that you will have to make separate arrangements for a monitor unless you’re thinking of getting an all-in-one desktop setup. Should you be interested in getting one, the Acer R240HY bidx 23.8-Inch monitor at Amazon is a great example on offer at Amazon. Alternatively, if you aren’t ready to spend money on a monitor, using a TV can be a wiser and convenient way to go. All you need to make this happen is a HDMI-out port; a concept being widely adopted by just about all PCs today.

Asus M32CD power supply

The Asus M32CD power supply isn’t as massive as other PSU in higher configuration so this desktop. Our unit offers 286W which is a bit low powered but justified for the low powered features it comes with. On the bright side, you can upgrade the PSU to up to 650W if you’re thinking of tweaking the desktop up for gaming. Normally, the GPU will more often than not dictate the amount of power supply you need.

Asus M32CD motherboard

Our reviewed unit came with an Intel H110 Express motherboard which is the standard for the Asus M32CD desktop. The Asus M32CD US003T motherboard supports up to 2 x DIMM, max. 32GB DDR3, 1866(OC) MHz,1 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x 16 PCIe slots and HDMI/DVI/VGA output support.

Asus M32CD i7

Our unit came with a Core i5 processor but we noted there are other higher configurations with Core i7 inside. For gamers, this should provide the most support, especially if coupled with a dedicated graphics card. The Asus M32CD-B14 VivoPC and the ASUS VivoPC M32CD-DB53 Desktop PC with Nvidia GeForce 1050 2GB graphics card are such examples.

What we liked

  • Reliable day-to-day performance
  • Skylake architecture processor
  • Decent graphics card – HD 530 graphics
  • Plenty of storage – 1TB HDD 7200 RPM
  • In-built wireless system – 802.11ac
  • Easy to access front-facing ports – USB 3.0
  • Great budget price to match
  • Includes warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Lacks a dedicated graphics card
  • Lacks SSD storage – so slow boot speeds.


The biggest concern when buying a budget desktop is whether it will serve you for the long haul and/or whether or not you’ll need to replace it anytime soon. The good news is with the spike in competition, manufacturers have now committed time and skill to provide a quality budget PC. The Asus M32CD desktop is one such advancement; a great assurance that even your modest investment may be compounded in the long run.

With this Asus desktop, you get a decent specs list on paper and one that works performance-wise; all for a great asking price. Better yet, you can upgrade this desktop by adding a few tweaks of your own (for instance SSD and power supply unit) to improve its performance. The excellent build quality and scads of connectivity options are but an added advantage.

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