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Asus K501UX-WH74 Gaming Laptop

The Asus K series has recently been on a roll for its notebook and gaming capabilities; a well called for combination. The Asus K501UX-WH74 features a lightweight, svelte design and an exceptional performance that stands out quite remarkably in the notebook arena as an entry level gaming rig.

Asus K501UX-WH74 Laptop Review



  • Strong performer with fast processing speeds.
  • Decent graphics memory.
  • Beautiful design



  • Poor battery life
  • Not reliable for intensely graphic games.



Among gaming notebooks, the Asus K501UX-WH74 Check at Amazon is a respectable entry level gaming device thanks to the 6th generation Intel Generation and Nvidia GEFORCE graphics card.

Display and Features  

 In our past reviews of the Asus laptops, a careful study could most reveal Asus ability to create original designs that stand out from their rivals. I have come to fall in love with the renowned designs spanning from the concentric circles on the Asus FX555LA, textured metal finish and the finely polished Asus ZenBook Series UX330UA that came with a variety of dazzling colors.

So as you would expect the Asus K501UX-WH74 didn’t fall too far from the tree. It features a dark blue metallic cover (textured for better gripping) and measures 0.9 by 15.0 by 10.0 inches which is thinner and lighter (weighs 4.4 pounds)than the Dell Inspiron i7559 (measuring 1.0 by 15.1 by 10.4 (HWD) and 5.67 pounds). This lightweight design is more of a plus for those who are ever out and about and desire a sleek notebook.

Additionally, the Asus K501UX-WH74 comes with a Full HD resolution on its 15.5 inch screen.  The screen details are non-touch TN-display which is a bummer most people but hear me out. Firstly, it would have been reasonable to have the 15 inch screen work hand in hand with touch capabilities, which I presume we all agree. But TN (Twisted Nematic) have their  own advantages too; the main advantage being that they offer the shortest response times which makes them good for gaming laptops.

Moreover, a combination of LED backlighting and TN-panel on a laptop is a great feat and goes a long way in ensuring the screen produces high brightness but draws less power which is really what gaming laptops look forward to. The TN Achilles heel is color shifts that occur at wide viewing angles which make for a poor angle view –reasonably why the expensive IPS technology trumps with better color reproduction and angle views.


On the left side features two USB 3.0 ports, a HDMI line to connect with an external monitor, a LAN port and a charger. On the right side sits two USB 2.0 ports, one microphone/headjack combo, and a microSD card slot. For connectivity, there is an RJ-45 Ethernet port for LAN connections and/or the 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity whenever.

You may also enjoy the option for Bluetooth on the Bluetooth 4.0 connection. With free and cheap internet virtually everywhere, most manufacturers are opting out of the DVD/CD drive on the laptop as reliable OS can be downloaded safe and fast. The Asus K501UX also followed this modern trend shelving the outdated DVD/CD slot for a more formidable direct cloud download.


Moving on, the Asus K5010UX-WH74 is one gaming laptop that was notably stuffed with all the new features technology could present; notably the 6th generation (Skylake) processor which makes the Asus capable of gaming, multitasking and also able to comfortably accommodate other tasks done daily when not playing.

The processor is a dual core 2.5GHz Intel Core i7-6500U processor with capacity to Turbo boost up to 3.1GHz while running demanding applications.

Other features that define the performance include the 8GB of system memory and the Nvidia GTX950M graphics card with 2GB DDR3 RAM. The combination of features allow it the advantage of installing graphics programs, run Photoshop and perform reliably under loads of multitasking tasks.

The model we reviewed has a 256GB SSD which makes it faster than the usual HDD, an added advantage. For storage space, Asus K501UX offers more than one configurations with the highest being the 256GB SSD (M.2 2280) and the lowest – 500GB HDD 5400 RPM. If you fancy the HDD category, there is an iteration that goes as far as – 1TB HDD 5400 RPM and 1TB HDD 7200 RPM. Check the specifications section for a complete breakdown.


Graphics and Gaming

 The K501UX-WH74 delivers quality gaming thanks to a vibrant combination of features: a fast modern processor with awesome processing speeds, high system memory and finally a decent graphics memory. I won’t suggest playing gaming triple A games such as Battlefield  3 or 4 or for that matter games that have a lot of graphic detail as those are best for Nvidia 1050.  But if you insist on playing, you’re going to have to get used to playing them on lower settings.


For all those gamers out there, the Asus K5010UX brags of NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 9 series (950) graphics card for fast gaming in 1080P- according to Nvidia. The card is an improvement of previous generation cards such as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 so with it you card expect a high response rate. In our graphics test, we played a couple of games to sample the Asus K501UX-WH74 strength. We played FARCRY4, The Witcher Wild Hunt, Heroes of the Dorm and Project Cars without lag and all at great frames rates.


Although fast and reliable, the Asus K501UX-WH74 cannot face off some of the gaming laptops on its level. For instance, the Asus trails the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK which has a lower specs sheet(Core i5 Quad-Core processor). But in performance is comparatively lethal since it holds Nvidia GTX 960M graphics card capable of much more than the 950.

On multitasking test, the Asus K501UX-WH74 proved to be an achiever as it worked surprisingly well. We experienced no problems running multiple tabs of YouTube videos while concurrently working on office tasks. It played through HD videos remarkably well and in the end proved its worth. The RAM space is to thank for here for allowing concurrent jobs to be handled all at a go.



Every machine has to vent or at least breathe. The Asus K501UX-WH74 features the Hyper Cool an upgraded intelligent cooling system with independent copper fans dedicated to cooling the CPU and GPU.

This exceptional cooling system keeps temperatures low to prevent overheating and ensure system stability whether you’re working on processor-intensive tasks or gaming. The fans push heat away from you and release all the heat through the back so you don’t despair under heated surfaces when the gaming action heats up.

Asus offer some extra storage through its ASUS WebStorage platform. Through it users can access 16GB of free storage for an entire year on the cloud storage. If you have a clue how cloud storage works, or own a Chromebook, then this shouldn’t be new to you.

It works the same way to ensure easy synchronization of your files, photos, memos, music on the cloud. Better yet, your files can be updated and backed up in real time and you can share links to those files to friends and family (or just anyone you wish) through sending a download link.


As we mentioned in our other Asus reviews, the Asus K501UX-WH74 like other Asus laptops have speakers running on ASUS SonicMaster. Asus Sonic master built in an optimized amplifier to give louder volume, powerful output, better resonance and deeper bass. On our sound test, I played Labrinth’s “Beneath Your Beautiful” and the output was powerful alright.

The sound was high enough to fill the room and audio was clear. The bass sessions were deep too and vibrated the surface of the table they were on. Downward firing speakers generally do that, and also muffle sound while at it but I had no qualms with this set of speakers.

keyboard and trackpad

The Asus keyboard stands out best of all for being backlit which is everyone’s desire in a gaming rig especially handy for late night stretches of gaming online. Another worthwhile feature I would have loved to see on the keyboard is the spill resistant keyboard, but unfortunately Asus does not mention that. Even so, the K510UX-WH74 keyboard is built with a full-size chiclet design for more accurate typing.

You’ll also get to enjoy solid, responsive keystrokes and a comfortable typing experience thanks to 1.6mm of key travel. There is a premium finish to the keyboard only noticeable to the keenest of eyes. Around the keyboard is an exquisite sand-blasted surface that gives the keyboard an air of sophistication. The power button is also spectacularly polished.

For the Asus K501UX-WH74, it features IceCool technology that helps to keep the palm rest section of the laptop cool for comfortable surface temperature. It maintains the surface temperatures between 28 degrees and 35 degrees. When using the laptop I did notice it was significantly cooler even when multitasking; where you would expect a lot of action and heating as a result.

The trackpad is similar to the Macbook Air the only difference being that the Asus K501UX trackpad is slightly aligned to the left. But they’re both made of a glass pad. I loved the smooth touch and responsiveness it has to simple touch. With the Smart Gesture input the Asus K501UX trackpad is able to allow intuitive fingertip commands such as two-finger pinch, left and right edge swipe and up and down motion swipes.

Battery life

The new K510UX-WH74 has a lightweight, high capacity battery (3-cell 48Whrs removable battery) that will give you up to 5 hours; which is enough for a notebook of its size. You can play games, watch movies, surf the web or simply get down with your day to day work schedule with that battery life. It is enough to allow you to stay productive on a single charge.

Asus K501UX Specs

  • Processor                                        Intel  Core i5 6200U/Core i7 6500U processor
  • Operating System                         Windows 10 Home/ Windows 10 Pro
  • Memory                                          OnBoard Memory 4 GB ,  expandable up to 12 GB SDRAM
  • Display                                           15.6″ 16:9 HD (1366×768)/Full HD (1920×1080) (On selected models)
  • Graphic                                          NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 950M with 2GB/4GB DDR3 VRAM
  • Card Reader                                  2 -in-1 card reader ( SD/ SDHC)
  • Dimensions                                   382 x 255 x 21.7 cm (WxDxH)/ 15 x 10 x 0.9 inches
  • Camera                                          VGA Web Camera
  • Networking                                   Integrated 802.11 b/g/n or 802.11 ac (On selected models)
  • Bluetooth                                      Built-in Bluetooth™ V4.0 (Optional)
  • Audio                                            ASUS SonicMaster Technology ICESound support
  • Weight                                           4.41 lbs
  • Security                                         BIOS Booting User Password Protection

HDD User Password Protection and Security

  • Storage 5″ 7mm SATA3
  •                                                              500GB HDD 5400 RPM

–                                                                     750GB HDD 5400 RPM

–                                                                     1TB HDD 5400 RPM

–                                                                     1TB HDD 7200 RPM

–                                                                     128GB SSD (M.2 2280)

–                                                                     256GB SSD (M.2 2280)

                                                                      16GB SSD Cache (On selected models)


Things I loved

There is a lot to fall in love with in this laptop, but chief of all is the gaming performance and reasonable price range for a gaming rig. Also trivial but worth mentioning is that the machine features a decent number of ports, backlit keyboard and a Full HD display. 

Things I disliked

In all fairness, the Asus K501UX-WH74 does not feature massive flaws to its system, performance or design. The system is great, performance up to par with rivals, and design flawless. However, it isn’t the best in industry and a couple of other better laptops could be named in its stead. To be precise, it wouldn’t hurt to have a better performance on this laptop, basing from the fact that it clocks lower speeds in comparison to industry leading laptops.

Secondly, thanks to the gaming features, display and screen size, the Asus K501UX falls well in the bracket of resource intensive laptops. Graphics card, processor, RAM all requires battery capacity to power them and so bottom line it takes a good battery to run them. This is a downside, common to gamers but one you would have to get used to if you’re new.


The Asus K501UX-WH74 Check at Amazon is a decent gaming machine and multimedia-oriented laptop for its price range; special for home use or on the go. It packs the 6th generation Intel Core processor, a decent gaming graphics card, ample amount of memory, SSD storage for fast system loading and best of all an impressive 15.6 inch 3840 x 2160 resolution display.

I think all that makes for an excellent laptop that deserves anybody’s attention and we certainly gave it. It is an excellent value for buck considering it costs which is slightly higher than its upgraded version the Asus K501UW-AB78. But all together manages to beat the upgraded version overly as a better performer.


  • Buy the Asus K501UW-AB78 laptop from Amazon.

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