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One of the smallest desktop computers you will come across today
Asus Chromebox 2 G095U Front and top look
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The Asus Chromebox is one of the smallest desktop computers you will come across today. Since its release in February 2014, it has not stopped evoking the interest of users across the board as an office and domestic application pc. Now enter the Asus Chromebox 2 G095U with an Intel Celeron 3215U processor, 2GB of RAM and ports to connect up to two monitors. While it’s not ideal for heavy lifting, it is well capable of handling the day-to-day web browsing, video streaming, and word processing. Read the ASUS CHROMEBOX2-G095U review below.


  • Fast boot time
  • Runs silently
  • Lightweight and small for portability
  • Wall mountable (VESA mount)
  • Excellent choice of ports
  • Great for simple office-based tasks and entertainment


  • Not ideal for multi-tasking – hangs when multiple Chrome tabs are opened
  • Does not support Google Play Store
  • Cannot support a 4K monitor


The Asus Chromebox 2 G095U makes an excellent choice for anyone looking for a small PC that pair well with a TV set, or work as a basic Internet device for web browsing, word, and number processing along with video streaming.



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SpecializationValue, General Purpose, Ultraportable
Operating systemGoogle Chrome OS
Weight1.32 lb
Device colorGray
Dimensions4.9 in x 4.9 in x 1.6 in
ReviewRead full review


ProcessorIntel-Intel Celeron 3215U
Number of processor cores2 cores
Base Processor Speed1.5 GHz
Processor Cache Capacity2 Mb
Threads ? 2 threads


RAM Capacity2 Gb
RAM speed ? 1600 GHz
Number of slots2
Number of empty slots2


Storage TypeSolid State Drive
SSD Capacity ? 16 Gb
SSD Form Factor ? M.2
InterfaceSerial ATA


Type Intergrated Intel HD Graphics


USB 3.0 (type A) ports4
HDMI ports1
Other portsHeadphone / Microphone combo Jack, Card reader, Ethernet / LAN port
Card reader formatSD (Secure Digital Card), SDHC, SDXC, MultiMediaCard

Other Features

PeripheralsKeyboard, Mouse
SecurityKensington Lock, TPM chip (Trusted Platform Module)
Other featuresTrusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2) Security Chip, VESA mount


NetworkingBluetooth, Wi-Fi
Bluetooth Version4.0
Wi-Fi Version802.11ac


Price of new product$159.99
Price of used product$144.09


The most notable feature about the Asus Chromebox 2 G095U is just how portable it is. It can almost perfectly fit in your palm if you have long enough fingers yet weighing only 1.32 pounds (0.59 Kgs). That makes it super easy to carry along to your friend’s house or set up behind your TV set.

The Asus Chromebox 2 G095U is a perfectly square PC with curved corners that measures a meager 4.9 x 4.9 x 1.6 inches. Its design depicts simplicity yet subtly evoking the curiosity of all who lay eyes on it. At its top left corner is the Chrome logo, with the Chromium Asus logo centrally placed – drawing all attention to itself with its luster.

Unlike most Chromebooks we have met in the past, the Asus Chromebox 2 G095U is actively cooled. That means that it has a fan that circulated air within its internal components to cool it. This is neither good nor bad, as long as the fan isn’t noisy in its operation. Fortunately, the fan runs silent and is barely noticeable save for the cooling vents down beneath.

The Asus Chromebox 2 is wall mountable via a VESA mount that ships with the package complete with screws – adding to its versatility.

The start button is located at the tapered bottom left corner. Note the Kensington lock and card reader on the left, and two USB 3.0 ports on the right


As they say, what matters is not the size of the dog but rather the fight in the dog. That is so true when it comes to the ports selection. While small, the Asus Chromebox 2 G095U comes with all the ports you will likely need.

It comes with four USB 3.0 ports, just as many as you would find in a 15.6-Inch Laptop. Most laptops we’ve reviewed in the past come with one USB 3.1 ports (Type-C), two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 ports, or at times even having two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port. Clearly, the Asus Chromebox 2 G095U is doing quite well here.

In addition to that, it comes with an HDMI 2.0 port and a Display Port, both capable of supporting 4k Displays. Unfortunately, the processor cannot handle the demand that comes with such high resolutions. However, you can plug in two Full-HD monitors simultaneously and this little bug will power them comfortably.

Other ports included are an audio/ microphone combo jack, an Ethernet port (RJ-45) and a Kensington lock slot.

Wireless connectivity is as strong as it is reliable with the 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0.

Ports from the left side: Power jack, Ethernet port, two USB 3.0 ports (blue), HDMI port, DisplayPort and audio/ mic combo jack


The Asus Chromebox 2 G095U comes with a humble set of specs that would seldom catch the attention of users used to Windows OS based PCs. It comes with an Intel Celeron 3215U processor teamed up with 2GB of DDR3L RAM and 16 GB of M.2 SSD storage. While the specs may not be remotely ideal for a Windows-based computer, they are quite fine for a Chrome-based system that relies entirely on web-based Chrome applications.

As you can guess, most Windows-based benchmarks are not possible on a Chromebox. All the same, our focus shall be on usability and basic reliability.

If you prefer browsing with multiple tabs open on Chrome, this might not be the best machine for you, or it if it, you will need a RAM upgrade at the very least to cater for your browsing preference. While 2GB of RAM will comfortably handle eight or more tabs without a noticeable dip in performance, going beyond this will likely result in hang-up or a complete crash of Chrome. Note that the number of tabs that can be kept open at a go depends on the kind of pages you visit. For instance, two YouTube Videos will run comfortably in 2GB of RAM, but adding two more will likely lead to a hang-up. On the other hand, it will take a whole load of Wikipedia pages to get the browser hanging.

While multitasking is not one of the Chromebox strong points, it excels when it comes to basic browsing, video streaming on Netflix or YouTube (both at 720pa and 1080p resolution), editing documents on Google Docs or just listening to music on Google Play. In addition to that, boot up time is but a mere 9 seconds.

Note the vents underneath the Asus Chromebox 2 G095U barebone pc

When it comes to Video steaming, the Asus Chromebox 2 G095U performs quite well. Videos stream smoothly at 1080pa without any issues. However, playing videos on 4K resolution results in stutters and some hang-up. Seemingly, the Intel HD Graphics doesn’t have the oomph to handle all that pixel.

Unfortunately, this model does not support Google Play Store – and thus cannot handle android games. However, browser-based games play excellently without as much as a stutter.

While you cannot upgrade the processor that it comes with, you can upgrade RAM and Internal storage. Right under the four rubber screws are screws which open up to reveal the systems’ internals. There are two RAM slots, with only one being taken up. That gives you room to upgrade to say 4GB of RAM which will guarantee better performance. Internal storage can also be upgraded, as long as one stick to the


Asus Chromebox 2 G095U is a small yet very functional little bug, that does what it’s built to do well. It features a simple yet attractive chassis and enough power to reliably deliver on light Internet browsing and video streaming. So if this is all you need from a computer, the Asus Chromebox 2 G095U is a worthy consideration available at a cost-effective price.

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