The Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor in its glory

Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor Review

It's all there : amazingly low response time, easy-to-use interface and a great price.
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Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor Review

Acer has some thin monitors in its lineup and while the Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor is not among the most unprecedented, it certainly ranks high among the most budget. Although its specs are far from the stratosphere, Acer managed to fit in a few goodies on this Acer G226HQL monitor. We were pleased to note a 21.5-inch display, a rapid 5ms response time, Full HD resolution and VESA mount ready rear. Let’s dig deeper into this rabbit hole to figure out whether this is worth buying. Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor Review


  • Simple slick design
  • Budget price
  • Full HD (1080p) display
  • Fast power-up
  • Four-legged stand
  • VESA mount ready (but bought separately)
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Lacks HDMI
  • Not tilt-Adjustable
  • No sound
  • TN panel- poor viewing angles


From first glance, the plastic chassis of the Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor packs plenty of flair. The modest matte black polished finish and fin cutout are a statement to the attention Acer put into this creation. But the budget price, 5ms response time, painlessly easy-to-use interface and Full HD display are what peaked our interest most. As a result, we recommend it alongside some of the other remarkable budget monitors on our Editor’s List.

Acer G226HQL Specs


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SpecializationValue, General Purpose, Business
Weight4.5 lb
Device colorBlack
Dimensions20.1 in x 6.6 in x 14.4 in


Display Size21.5 in
Aspect Ratio1.78:1
Resolution1920 x 1080 - Full HD
Panel TypeIPS
Monitor FeaturesAnti-glare
Horizontal Viewing Angle90 deg
Vertical Viewing angle50 deg
Response Time5 ms
Brightness200 Cd/m2 / nits
Display Ergonomics - Monitor physical adjustments ? Tilt


DVI ports1
VGA port1


Price of new product$89.99
Price of used product$130.99

Design and Features

The design and features of the Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor are simple and stay clear of a distinct gamer aesthetics. The matte-black polished frame attached to a four-legged stand and few ports reveal a fairly casual no-frills monitor. In other words, in an office setting with other monitors, the Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor might not exactly stand out. But fortunately, that’s not such a glaring trade-off as the case offers more style than most monitors I’ve seen in this price range.

Moving on, we loved the Acer G226HQL slim frame and small footprint. It measures 12.28 x 20.08 x 1.26 inches and 14.4 x 20.1 x 6.7 without its stand. It weighs a lightweight 4.5 lbs which is pretty nothing compared to ASUS VE228H (11.25 lbs) and ASUS VS229H-P 10.5 lbs.

The Acer G226HQL Specs include a four-legged base stand
The moderately sized bezels and matte black finish are appealing

Another draw for the Acer G226HQL Monitor is four-legged stand. Compared to other monitors, the base is original, innovative and quite the breath of fresh air amid the circular bases we’re used to. The stand also has a small footprint. But while it feels strong in hand, the monitor slightly wobbles when pushed, which doesn’t make it as sturdy and firm as we expected! Admittedly, this Asus monitor lacks a few attractive touches and flourishes we’ve seen on other Asus’ Flagship monitors. For instance, the Mayan Inspired etchings on the base like the Asus VG245H. But that’s still okay as it has nothing to do with performance and so by far not a deal breaker. On the bright side, you can tweak the frame to your desired angle (-5° to 15°). The stand supports tilt adjustments. There are no height, swivel and pivot adjustments.

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As far as cabling goes, you can pass all your cabling behind the stand and neatly hold them with straps, as this stand does not come with a hole to pass cables through. That aside, the rear is VESA mount ready which means it can be erected to a wall. The one glaring caveat is that the wall mount is not sold together with this monitor. You have to order one separately to be able to mount this monitor to the wall.


The Acer G226HQL’s versatility and highly practical design extend beyond the exterior to its display and interface. So we were happy to find a Full HD TN display on this sub-$100 monitor. You can rest easy with the 5ms response time, 1:78:1 Aspect ratio 90 degrees horizontal 50 degrees vertical viewing angles (21.5 degrees diagonal), 60Hz refresh rate, 200cd/m2 brightness and 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

Ports and Controls

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Asus G226HQL comes with modest features. The rear of the monitor is home to a couple of connectivity options including DVI with HDCP support, DC-IN port, and VGA ports should you need to connect to other devices. Unfortunately, there is no HDMI port so you might have to make due with a mini DisplayPort to VGA for connections to other devices. It’s fairly easy to access the interface.

Other ports available include an AC Power Input and Kensington Lock Slot. The Acer G226HQL has a normal power consumption of 22 watts and 1 watt while on power save mode. You get a limited 3-year warranty for parts and labor upon purchase.

As far as controls go, physical control buttons are found on the bottom left side of the bezel. There’s an on/off button, menu button, Auto-Adjust button and other buttons. The buttons let you control functions such as brightness, contrast, input source, color, LCD monitor settings and aspect ratio.


To start off, the Acer G22HQL is a remarkable monitor offering 21.5 inches of screen estate which is great for business and general use. Also, you get 1920 x 1080p resolution experience which delivers stunning picture without having to part with a lot of cash (higher pixel count provides better imagery so the Full HD is great). But its budget-friendly price means some sacrifices had to be done in order to keep costs down.

Acer G226HQL 21.5-Inch Screen LED Monitor Review
1080p resolution display delivers stunning picture

One of these trade-offs includes the use of Twisted Nematics (TN) panel rather than In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel. And therefore, there’s noticeable color shifting when viewed from the edges or angles (poor viewing angles). On top of that, we noticed the display struggle to show the darkest shades of gray and some color accuracy was a bit skewed. However, this is only a problem if you’re one to use this monitor for video/photo editing and gaming which both need great viewing angles and accurate color accuracy.

For normal use, such as watching movies, web browsing… this is an affordable choice to go for. In general, of course, this might not be everyone’s choice of monitor and the complaints are valid. But for the price it sells for, it is a great Full HD monitor.

The panel has a rated brightness of 200 cd/m2 (nits) which is bright but not enough for outdoor use. Contrast is rated at 100,000,000:1 which is typical of In-Plane Switching (IPS) panels.


If Full HD display is what is in your bag, the Acer G226HQL Monitor is a capable, budget-priced TN screen monitor of choice. It also brags of 21.5-inch screen estate, 5ms response time, decent ergonomics and ports, and moderate color accuracy. Finally, the Acer G226HQL monitor comes with a slim frame and small footprint that should easily fit in any desk space. Also, its budget price makes it worth considering as an affordable option for general-purpose business display.

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